Kaos Oblong

Kaos Oblong or casual t shirt is a common thing that almost everyone likes to wear. The advantages of this shirt is that it can be applied everyday in many leisure activities at home. More than that, this casual clothing is comfortable because is made of materials designed to absorb sweat and comfortable to wear. These shirts can also be purchased in many places such as clothing stores, supermarkets and even the traditional market. In Indonesia, now the kaos oblong have been sold online, so you can order it now. Please you choose which one you like and messages online with ease.

UNtuk lebih jelas, aneka pilihan kaos dapat dilihat DI SINI.

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grosir kaos konveksi bandung Harga Kaos Kerah Anak 

Ukuran S : Rp. 17.500,- / pc

Ukuran M : Rp. 20.000,-/ pc

Ukuran L : Sementara habis

Ukuran XL : Rp. 28.000,-/ pc

Untuk lebih jelas,В  KLIK di SINI.

grosir kaos konveksi bandung Kaos Lengan Panjang untuk Anak :Ukuran M/L : Rp. 15.000,-/ pc 


grosir kaos konveksi bandung Kaos Oblong ( Tanpa Kerah ) : 

Untuk bayi < 1 thn) – SK : Rp. 10.000,-/ pc

Ukuran S : Rp. 7.000,-/ pc (Rp. 84.000,- / lusin)

Ukuran M : sementara kosong

Ukuran L : sementara kosong

Ukuran XL : Rp. 20.000,-/ pc

Untuk lebih jelas,В В  KLIK DI SINI.

grosir kaos konveksi bandung Kaos Buntung 


Rp. 9.000,-/ pc

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