Grosir Kaos

Grosir Kaos is a common term of Indonesian that mean as wholesale T-shirt. It is a place where you can buy various kinds of T-shirts with cheap price. Of course, you must buy in large quantities to get the wholesale price. Wholesale T-shirts now have a lot on the internet so you can order with ease. Before you can buy, normally there is confirmation of bookings or check stock that may usually be done via email or sms. The goods you order will be sent to your address after confirmation of stock availability of goods and of course the transfer of funds.

Grosir Kaos MotifВ  Salur

grosir kaos konveksi bandungGrosir Kaos Salur

Pembelian minimal 1 lusin (12 pcs)

Harga grosir kaos oblong :

1. Rp. 9.000/pcs : Oblong anak buntung (2-3 th)
2. Rp. 12.000/pcs : Oblong anak tangan pendek S M L
3. Rp. 14.000/pcs : Oblong anak tangan pendek XL
4. Rp. 17.000/pcs : Oblong anak kerah

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